The Great (Velikiy) Novgorod - one day tour

215 euro

Velikiy Novgorod is one of the oldest cities in our country.

Velikiy Novgorod had a huge impact on the historical development of Russia as a state. Nowadays, it is much smaller and more modest than Moscow or Petersburg, but retained its original charm. 

In this ancient place you can enjoy the preserved monuments of Slavic architecture in its original form

Fascinating facts about Novgorod:

  • In the Scandinavian sagas, Novgorod was called Holmgard, that is, a city that goes under water during floods.
  • Novgorod was the only Russian city to avoid fragmentation and decline in the 11-12 centuries. The Mongol-Tatar invaders did not reach here, due to which ancient monuments of architecture were preserved in the city.
  • The famous poem about Sadko takes place in Novgorod.

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